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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sneakers, the Seaside Cat by Margaret Wise Brown Review

Sneakers, the Seaside Cat by Margaret Wise Brown

I found myself desperately wanting to love this book.  After all, Margaret Wise Brown did write the classic, Goodnight Moon. I guess I built it up too much because at the end, I found myself asking, "What's the point?"  I know it's just a children's book, but I still think there needs to be some purpose.  I hated her choices of onomatopoeia. I can think of a thousand other ones for the sound of a seagull other than "Ha-ha-ha" or a million different ones for a wave other than "boom."  I don't think this is gonna be a childhood favorite.  The illustrations are nice in this though, thanks to Anne Mortimer.  Other than that, I call this one a dud.

RFMK Stats

Rating: * * * * *

Age Level: 3-6

RFMK Stamp of Approval: Nope, not worth the $6.99

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